There are two classes of USSI membership – senior member and supporting member.

Senior Members are anyone 55 years of age or older, or those under 55 years of age whose spouse is a senior member.  

Persons 80 or more years of age are eligible for lifetime membership and pay no dues, but enjoy all the privileges of a voting member.

Supporting Members are those who are under 55 and who support the principles of the organization. They include groups, individuals, corporations, proprietorships, and officials representing businesses. These members have no voting privileges.  

Membership Rates

Single membership $25

Partner membership $40

Applying for Membership
A candidate for membership must submit an application to the Sr. Center. All blank spaces must be filled in; incomplete applications will be returned for additional information. 
Applications may be picked up at the Center or using the form below.

Membership becomes effective upon approval by the membership committee and payment of one year’s dues. Membership follows the calendar year January 1 - December 31

USSI Membership Application

I would like to join the Upper Susitna Seniors, Inc. 

Membership dues are $25 per person or $40 per couple.  Make check payable to USSI.


(Please print ALL information legibly.)


Name ________________________________

Mailing Address ______________________


City, State __________________________

    9-digit zip________________- _________

Birthday _________/________/__________

                 month               day               year



                 month               day               year


Home Phone________________________

Work Phone ________________________

Cell Phone_________________________


Spouse’s Name_____________________

Spouse’s Birthday____________________

Favorite Hobbies/Interests______________


Circle Membership Type:        New Member


                                                Support Member


I also wish to make a donation of $________to support USSI.


Amount enclosed: $______________________


Mail to:       USSI

                   HC89 Box 592

                   Willow AK 99688-9707