Facility Rentals

Price Structure and Fees

 Facility Rentals: 
All Upper Susitna Seniors, Inc. (USSI) facility charges are by the hour.  Custodial deposits will apply.
1.  Community/Non-Profit Organizations:
  • Auditorium:   $60 per hour for a minimum of three (3) hours. 
  • Kitchen:  Billed at $25 per hour for the first five (5) hours.  Additional time is billed at $10 per each extra hour.
  •  Lobby (maximum of 10 people allowed):  Billed at $20 per hour with a minimum of three (3) hours.  Additional time is billed at $10 per each extra hour.

 2.  USSI Members: 

Flat rates for all-day use are available.  Please consult the office for pricing.
3.  Commercial:
  • Auditorium:  Billed at $90 per hour.
  •  Auditorium with Lobby:  Billed at $90 per hour
  •  Kitchen:  Billed at $50 per hour, with a two hour minimum.  
Deposit:  A $300 refundable custodial deposit will be required for all facility rentals.  Users may requst a refund in whole or part after post-use inspection of the premises has been completed and approved.
Equiment Rentals:
Chairs and tables are included
in facility rental rates. 
Set up is the responsibility of the renter.
1. In-House Amenities:
  • Coffee Maker only:  $5
  • Full service dinnerware, cookware & utensils:  A refundable deposit of $50 may be required.  (Breakage/loss will be deducted from deposit.)
2.  For Off-site Use:
$50 refundable deposit is required for all offsite rentals. 
  • Tables:  $10 each/per day
  • Chairs:  $1 each/per day
Outdoor Area Rental:
Please consult USSI office for pricing on rental of Center outdoor area.
How to Rent
Check the calendar below to see if there are any events showing for the day(s) you desire to rent the facility.  Call the Center office at 733-6200 to confirm that the date is open and to arrange a date to bring in your use request application and payment. 
Please note that since the office is not manned daily, you may need to leave a message on the answering machine and it may take several days for someone to get back to you.
Use the form and pricing information on the pages below to request to use the center.